Decrypting the firmware

intel Mac & PPC

Decrypting the firmware will give you access to the graphics, applications and various other system files used on the iPhone.

Step 1.

This process will work for both the 1st gen firmware and the 3G firmware. Make sure your browser does not decompress these files when downloading. Safari is set by default to open "safe" file types. Go in to Safari preferences in the General tab and turn off this "feature".

Download the 2.0 firmware for 1st generation iPhones from Apple here.

Download the 2.0 firmware for 3G iPhones from Apple here.

Step 2.

You should now have one of these two files downloaded.


Rename the file you downloaded to .zip   The icons may or may not change.


To keep things organized, you might want to put the zip into a folder since you need to decompress it next. Right click whichever file you'd like to work with and select Open With, and Archive


You will now have a folder. Open it. Here are the contents of the zip you decompressed.


Download vfdecrypt here. Then put this program into the folder with your decompressed firmware.

Step 3.

Open a Finder window. Click Applications. Click Utilities. Double click Terminal.


In my example, I saved my firmware in a folder on my desktop called firmware. When I decompressed the firmware it made a folder called iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore. So navigate to this folder by entering:

cd Desktop/firmware/iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore    (you can rename these folders anything you want to make this easier).

Now enter the following command to decrypt the .dmg you need. You can copy and paste this. This key will not work on the other .dmg in this folder.

./vfdecrypt -i 018-3785-2.dmg -o decrypted.dmg -k 2cfca55aabb22fde7746e6a034f738b7795458be9902726002a8341995558990f41e3755

Some text will scroll by and you will be returned to a system prompt when it has finished.


You will now see the decrypted.dmg file in your firmware folder.


Double click the decrypted.dmg file and you'll have access to many of the files and programs in this firmware.


Note: in this example, I decrypted the 1st generation iPhone firmware. The same process applies to the 3G firmware, except the name of the folder and the name of the .dmg. You will want to decrypt 018-3782-2.dmg instead.

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