Jailbreaking/unlocking the 3G iPhone using redsn0w

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Who is this guide for?
  • All 3G iPhones: unlocked or not, activated or not, Pwned or not.
  • Any firmware version. You will be updating (only if you've never jailbroken before) or restoring (if currently jailbroken) to 3.0.1 firmware first. Then you jailbreak and unlock. This tutorial will cover how to restore.
  • Make sure to sync your iPhone prior to using this tutorial. This way your personal information, and any App Store applications will be preserved.
  • Requires iTunes version 8.2, or greater.
  • I used OS X 10.5.8.

Thanks again go out to the iPhone Dev Team for providing this amazing, and FREE program for jailbreaking, activating, unlocking, and customizing the iPhone. You can visit their website here, and their blog here.

Note: The iPhone Dev Team has not updated redsn0w yet to recognize the 3.0.1 firmware file. You can still jailbreak 3.0.1, you must supply redsn0w with 3.0 firmware however.

These tutorials represent my experience as an iPhone owner in the United States. Your mileage may vary. There is no way I could create a tutorial to cover every possible scenario out there. So you are just going to have to roll with it, if your experience doesn't perfectly match these instructions.

Be sure to read the iPhone Dev Team's notes on the use of their unlocking program, ultrasn0w here.

Step 1.

Download redsn0w from the iPhone Dev Team's blog post here.

Download 3.0.1 firmware from Apple here. Note: Safari likes to open "safe" files by default. You must turn this feature off for this download to work correctly. Click "Safari", select "Preferences", from the "Geneal" tab uncheck the box that says "Open "safe" files after downloading". Otherwise just use Firefox to download this firmware file.

You should now have these two icons on your desktop.


Double click the redsn0w.zip file and you will see this folder appear.


Go into this folder and drag the redsn0w.app file into your Applications folder.


Step 2.

Launch iTunes, and plug in your iPhone. If you are prompted to update click Cancel.

Press the Option key on your keyboard and click the Restore button in iTunes. Note: I erased my serial number and phone number for privacy reasons.


Now navigate to where your 3.0.1 firmware .ipsw file is. Select it, and click Open.


You will see various status bars, while the restoring process proceeds. The iPhone's screen will turn white, and you will see the Apple logo.


During the restore process you will see a status bar graphic on the iPhone.


When it has finished restoring, you'll receive this message.


If you are only jailbreaking (and using an authorized carrier), then allow iTunes to activate your iPhone before continuing to Step 3.

Step 3.

Since redsn0w hasn't been updated to work with 3.0.1 firmware yet, click here to download 3.0 firmware.

Launch redsn0w. It will automatically close iTunes if you have it open. Click Browse.


Navigate to where your 3.0 firmware file is. Select it and click Open.


If you blink you will miss the lines of text that say: Processing firmware, and IPSW successfully identified. Click the Next button.


A pop up will appear and display several messages quickly.


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