Saving voicemail messages to your Mac

Note: This will be the last ever update to this tutorial. Why? As of November 2009 I have cancelled my AT&T iPhone contract, because I can't afford it any more. This decision will also affect other tutorials like this that are unique to having AT&T service.

Unless you signed a contract with AT&T (or your locally Apple-approved authorized service provider) for your iPhone, this hack won't work. Due to the nature of visual voicemail, the messages are pushed to the phone and stored there.


I will be using Fugu to download the files in this tutorial. These instructions can be applied to any files you want to add or remove from your iPhone, provided you already have SSH installed. If you have not installed OpenSSH, or used Fugu before, then you must read this tutorial first.

Step 1.

Start Fugu and navigate to the /private/var/mobile/Library/Voicemail folder. You'll see .amr files here, those are your voicemail messages. You can either just drag a file off to your dekstop, or transfer it within the program.


Step 2.

When you attempt to play the .amr file, it may be an unrecognized file type on your computer. Just right click the file, select Open With, and select QuickTime If QuickTime Player isn't in your list, try selecting Other... In my example I've already done this, so it shows as (default).


Step 3.

QuickTime Player should have opened. Press play, and enjoy your voicemail.


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