Decrypting 4.0 firmware

Decrypting the firmware will give you access to the graphics, applications and various other system files used on the iPhone. Many of the decryption keys are posted at the iPhone Wiki here.

Step 1.

This process will work for iPhone 3G and 3G S firmware only.

If you haven't already downloaded 4.0 firmware from Apple, then you can download 3G firmware here. If you want 3G S firmware you can get it here. Note: Safari likes to open "safe" files by default. You must turn this feature off for this download to work correctly. Click "Safari", select "Preferences", from the "Geneal" tab uncheck the box that says "Open "safe" files after downloading". Otherwise just use Firefox to download this firmware file.

If the file you downloaded says .zip at the end, great. If the file you downloaded says .ipsw at the end then rename it.


Double click the .zip file to decompress it. You should have a folder that looks like this.


Step 2.

Download vfdecrypt here. Unzip the file and you will be left with a vfdecrypt program file.


Now put this program into the folder with your decompressed firmware.


Step 3.

Open a Finder window, click Applications, click Utilities, and launch the

In the Terminal window that opens, enter   cd
Now drag the iPhone Restore folder into the Terminal window. The path to this folder will automatically be pasted in after cd. Press enter.


Now enter the following command to decrypt 3G firmware. You can copy and paste this.

./vfdecrypt -i 018-5536-600.dmg -o decrypted.dmg -k 09e054a8dd6c11c7f41ad9e614a8d564aa7d0c653585f29c0b07d1f0a1e1dc0040624a16

If you want to decrypt 3G S firwmare then enter this.

./vfdecrypt -i 018-5534-582.dmg -o decrypted.dmg -k 5d79765bc3233cbee58727c17a9487e5dc1e38400c2a98c30997bb02d00e97ae3ce5fab8

Press enter. Some text will scroll by and you will be returned to a system prompt when it has finished.


You will now see the decrypted.dmg file in your firmware folder.


Double click the decrypted.dmg file and you'll have access to many of the files and programs in this firmware.


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