Jailbreaking & unlocking the iPhone 4 with Jailbreakme.com

Updated: September 3, 2010

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Who is this guide for?
  • iPhone 4 (on 4.0 or 4.0.1 firmware)
  • Already activated (not stuck at the connect to iTunes screen)
  • I used iTunes version 10
  • I used OS X 10.6.4

My iPhone 4 was already on 4.0.1. firmware, and the 01.59.00 modem firmware (baseband). It is also activated with an official AT&T service plan. You must be activated to use this jailbreak. There are many SIMs that I have personally tested on a freshly restored and unactivated iPhone 4, that activated it. I used an inactive AT&T SIM, and inactive Cingular SIM, a newly purchased GoPhone SIM, a newly purchased Net10 SIM, and a newly purchased O2 SIM. There is no reason why you can't find a SIM to activate your iPhone with if it didn't come with one.

You can not use this guide if you are on 4.0.2 firmware already. You would have to have your SHSH for 4.0.1 or 4.0 firmware in order to downgrade and re-jailbreak. To learn how to downgrade, read this tutorial.

Thanks again go out to the iPhone Dev Team for providing this amazing, and FREE program for customizing the iPhone. You can visit their website here, and their blog here.

You can read the iPhone Dev Team's post on this jailbreak here. You can also ask questions there and get help. Jailbreakme.com is used for the jailbreak, obviously, and the ultrasn0w program is used for the unlock. ultrasn0w will be installed via Cydia. You can read the iPhone Dev Team's post on the new ultrasn0w here.

Step 1.

Plug your iPhone into iTunes and sync. I'd hate to see you lose any photos, programs that you purchased on the phone, et cetera just in case.


Step 2.

You may want to turn Airplane Mode on. If you happen to receive a phone call or text message during this process it might cause problems. Just launch Settings and set Airplane Mode to on. You may have to turn Wi-Fi back on when doing this.

Launch Safari on the iPhone. Go to jailbreakme.com Press the More Info link if you'd like. When you are ready, slide to jailbreak. It will then download the jailbreak exploit. Depending on network congestion it may take awhile. It only took about a minute for me.

Many have reported a problem where they can't get the process to initiate. The solution seems to be clearing the cookies on the iPhone. To do this:
  • Launch Settings and turn Airplane Mode on.
  • Scroll down to Safari. Accept Cookies set to From visited.
  • Double tap the home button quickly. The multi task switcher should have opened.
  • Press and hold an icon until they start shaking. Find the Safari icon and press the red circle with a slash through it. This will close Safari.
  • Go back to Settings, Safari then press Clear Cookies and press Clear Cache.
  • Launch Safari and go back to jailbreakme.com.

iPhone       iPhone

It will then take about 2 minutes to perform the jailbreak. Don't do anything with the iPhone until it has finished and you receive the Cydia has been added to the home screen message. Press OK.

iPhone       iPhone

Press the Home button, and you'll see Cydia on your springboard. You are now jailbroken!

Step 3.

Launch Cydia. Then choose what level you would like Cydia to display its contents at. I always choose developer, but hey I like to live dangerously ;) I saw this screen next. Note I have an SHSH on file already for 4.0.1 firmware. I used the program TinyUmbrella to do this a couple weeks before this jailbreak was released. You can read more about this program here.

iPhone       iPhone

If this is the first time your iPhone 4 has been jailbroken and Cydia launched, you will instead be greeted with this message. You want to press the button that says Make my life easier, thanks! This will enable Cydia to store your SHSH for your iPhone so that you can continue to restore to this firmware even when Apple won't sign the firmware any more.
The next time you launch Cydia you'll see the message: This device has a pending TSS request. Cydia will eventually send your ECID to Apple and then capture the signature file that Apple sends to approve the restore. When it has this file captured it will state that you have an SHSH on file for that particular firmware.

Because it could take Cydia some time (I've seen it take weeks) to capture this file and report it as captured, you need to read and follow my TinyUmbrella tutorial here, to get this file directly from Apple immediately.

Cydia will have some updates available, just press the Changes button to see them, then press the Upgrade button in the top right corner. Then confirm the installation.

iPhone       iPhone

When the installation has finished, you'll see a Return to Cydia button. Press it. I happened to relaunch Cydia again and was greeted with this message. Press Upgrade Essential.

iPhone       iPhone

Confirm the installation. Then press the Return to Cydia button when prompted.

iPhone       iPhone

Note: When rebooting, it's normal to see some artifacts at the top of the screen when the Apple logo is showing. PlanetBeing has said, "The glitches on the boot screen are normal. You're looking at the kernel shellcode jailbreaks.me uses (temporarily stored on the framebuffer)."

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