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Step 4.

Let's unlock the iPhone now. First I got out my SIM cutting tool. It takes a full size SIM and punches out the micro SIM from it. It makes such a clean cut that you can even put the micro SIM back into the full size SIM card and use it in a regular phone. Here's the place I bought it from: MicroSIMCutter.com. It took a month to arrive. After using you can see how much of the gold contact is left on the main card. I also have an O2 SIM that I cut which did not have any of the gold contact material left on the main card. My T-Mobile SIM is several years old. If you'd rather cut your SIM by hand you can try one of the printable templates from this site.

You could also mail your SIM to me if you'd like with a self-addressed stamped envelope and I'll do it for one dollar. Email me if you are serious about wanting to do this: mark [at] hackthatphone.com.

Switch out your SIM card.


Launch the Settings application. Press General, Network. Make sure your Enable 3G switch is set to off. Launch Cydia. Press the Search button in the lower right corner.

iPhone       iPhone

Enter ultrasn0w in the text box. Press it. Then press the Install button. Note: If you can not find ultrasn0w (most likely because the source repository was not cached due to some Cydia error), then read Step 4a below.

iPhone       iPhone

Press Confirm. When it has finished installing press Reboot Device.

iPhone       iPhone

My new carrier appeared very quickly. Here's my about screen.

iPhone       iPhone

Note: I always erase my serial number, Wi-Fi address, Bluetooth address, IMEI and ICCID. Your screen will have values here.

Step 4a.

You are at this step because the ultrasn0w repository is not being loaded by Cydia for some reason. This is usually temporary. If you absolutely can not wait, then perform this step to get ultrasn0w installed.

If you don't already know how to use SSH, then you must read this tutorial first.

Download ultrasn0w 1.1-1 from Cydia. You should now have this file on your desktop.


Launch YummyFTP and navigate to your iPhone's /tmp folder. Place the ultrasn0w file you downloaded into this folder.


On your Mac, go to your Applications folder, then go to your Utilities folder and launch the Terminal.app. Enter the following command after you have logged into the iPhone.

dpkg -i /tmp/ultrasn0w_1.1-1_iphoneos-arm.deb


After about a minute your carrier name should appear and you should have a signal. If not, then reboot the iPhone.

If you launch Cydia and press Manage, then Packages you will see the ultrasn0w program in the list. You can of course remove the application through Cydia, and if there are any updates Cydia will alert you to this.

Step 5.

Would you like to prevent the exploit that is being used by the jailbreakme.com site now that you are jailbroken? There is a program in Cydia called PDF Patch. When installed it will prevent a malicious PDF from gaining access to your iPhone. After installing it, you can test it by going back to the jailbreaks.me website. When you slide to jailbreak nothing will happen and you will only see the space picture.

iPhone       iPhone

T-Mobile users in the United States

I've created a tutorial to show you how to make the following work (provided you have a data plan):
  • Data
  • FaceTime
  • MMS (except receiving photos which most have a problem with)
  • Tethering

Read it here.

Restoring the iPhone back to stock configuration

If you want to remove all evidence of the jailbreak and the unlock, then simply restore your iPhone using iTunes. Keep in mind clicking update or restore may put you on newer firmware that can not be jailbroken or unlocked. You will also need an official SIM to activate the iPhone again. In my example below clicking either button will put 4.0.2 firmware onto my 4.0.1 iPhone. Think about what you are doing before you do it.


Updating your iPhone to newer firmware

Once a new firmware has been released it takes time to craft a new jailbreak and a new unlock, or a work around for the unlock. Do not update your jailbroken/unlocked iPhone if you value its current state of operation. I will post a tutorial on how to get newer firmware installed when it is possible.

You updated anyway and want to go back

If you updated your iPhone and now realize your mistake and want to go back, you will be able to jailbreak provided your saved your SHSH. Read this tutorial to learn more. If you do have the SHSH for the firmware you want to go back to then read this tutorial to see how I downgraded my iPhone 4.

Keep in mind, if the new firmware you installed on your iPhone also came with new modem firmware, then you have lost your ability to unlock, possibly forever.

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