Updated: June 17, 2010

Apple Developer Connection   Develop applications for the iPhone.

Apple Insider   A major rumor site for all of Apple's products. Support   This is the official support forum for the iPhone.

The Big Boss   this is the website of BigBoss, who is one of the main iPhone hacking program developers. He has created such programs as Boss Prefs, Boss Tool, and Categories. You can read the latest iPhone hacking news here, and read his tutorials (he specializes in Windows guides). offers many parts and accessories for the 1st generation and 2nd generation iPhones. Be advised they are in Hong Kong.

Cellular Nationwide Network offers many internal spare parts for the iPhone for sale. They are located in Hong Kong, so shipping could take a little longer.

Daily Motion provides their own version of YouTube for the iPhone.

GPRS information page hosts a giant list of data, sorted by country, detailing APN, user name, password, DNS, and SMTP information.

Hackint0sh   This site's efforts are based on getting at the inner workings of the iPhone to aid in modding, breaking AT&T activation, unlocking the phone to work with other carrier's SIM cards and running third party applications, among other things. This link goes directly to the iPhone forum, there are others here for Apple TV and x86 projects.

Howard Forums   Is another good forum to learn about hacking the iPhone and troubleshooting issues. It has a very active reader base. There are several categories for the iPhone and the hacking and unlocking section has the most daily activity.

iDevKit is a developer's community for the iPhone and iPod Touch, that has code samples for programmers.

iFixit not only offers free guides for disassembly of the iPhone, they also sell many internal spare parts as well.

iPhone Alley   Keep up on the latest iPhone news. Read reviews on accessories and get tips for using your iPhone. You can also download graphics to personalize your iPhone here and have a place to discuss all things iPhone in their forum section.

The iPhone Dev Team   This is the group responsible for making all the progress to open up the iPhone by way of bypassing activation and unlocking it. They are associated with a couple channels on IRC. and head to room #iphone   This is the general discussion channel. If you find other iPhone channels, please don't bother the developers with trivial questions or requests.   As far as using IRC on a Mac, I have always preferred the Snak client. You can get Snak here. It has a 30 day free trial. For Windows users, I've always preferred mIRC, which you can get here.

iPhone Modding   Hosts Windows specific iPhone modding tutorials and has a forum.

iPhone service FAQ   The answers to 28 questions await you here.

Macmost iPhone games    Free games.

Mac Rumors   News and rumors you care about. Don't forget to check out the iPhone forum section.

Mac Surfer's Headline News   The most comprehensive gathering of links to daily news stories from around the 'net.

Mac Themes has a forum where artists can show off their amazing themes for the iPhone. You can also make requests for graphics for a particular theme. There is even a section for graphics for OS X.

MMS information page hosts a giant list of data, sorted by country, detailing APN, user name, password, WAP gateway and MMSC.

Mod my i   Formerly Mod My iPhone. Here you can share your interest with other modders dedicated to making the iPhone the next great cell phone. Learn about mods, get the latest downloads and news and chat with fellow iPhone fans.

Multi-Win    Sells replacement iPhone parts including the screen, back panel, headphone jack, camera, battery, bezel, home button, et cetera.

SciPhone is home to over 6670+ wallpaper images in numerous categories including: abstract art, animals, architecture, cars, fantasy, fine art, food, games, military, movies, music, nature, skies, space, technology, textures and travel. Check back often, new material is added daily.

Seasky-Tech   sells parts for the iPhone and the iPod. They are located in Shenzhen province in China.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog   A nice, up to date news site for information about the iPhone and the latest secrets that people have discovered. There is also coverage of daily Apple news and product announcements.

Viva Science Technology sells replacement batteries.

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