Jailbreaking the iPhone 3G / 3G S on 4.1 firmware using redsn0w

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After a few seconds various messages will appear on the screen. At this point you can let go of the Home button.

Note: If your redsn0w screen hangs at the message Waiting for reboot, then simply unplug the USB cable, then plug it back in.


You will see this graphic on your iPhone.


After a bit the iPhone will reboot (and if you chose a custom boot logo it will appear at this point). Done! will appear in the program. You can click the Finish button to close the program.


You will see a few different messages (Installing base utilities, Replacing kernel, Flashing NOR, Installing bundles, Activating, Syncing file systems, Rebooting) on your iPhone during the next couple minutes. The iPhone will reboot once this has finished.

iPhone       iPhone

Note the following iPhone screens are all from my 3G. I'm not losing my unlock on my 3G S just to create a jailbreaking tutorial. Cydia (if you selected it) has been placed on the SpringBoard.

iPhone       iPhone

Here I am on 4.1 firmware with the new locked modem firmware.

iPhone       iPhone

iTunes will also confirm you are on 4.1 firmware.


Restoring the iPhone back to stock configuration

If you want to remove all evidence of the jailbreak and the unlock, then simply restore your iPhone using iTunes. Keep in mind clicking update or restore may put you on newer firmware that can not be jailbroken or unlocked. You will also need an official SIM to activate the iPhone again.

Updating your iPhone to newer firmware

Once a new firmware has been released it takes time to craft a new jailbreak and a new unlock, or a work around for the unlock. Do not update your jailbroken/unlocked iPhone if you value its current state of operation. I will post a tutorial on how to get newer firmware installed when it is possible.

You updated your iPhone anyway and want to go back

If you updated your iPhone and now realize your mistake and want to go back, you will be able to jailbreak provided your saved your SHSH. Read this tutorial to learn more. If you do have the SHSH for the firmware you want to go back to then read this page to see how I downgraded my iPhone 3G and 3G S.

Keep in mind, if the new firmware you installed on your iPhone also came with new modem firmware, then you have lost your ability to unlock, possibly forever.

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