Installing Siri on the iPhone 4 (easy method)

Posted: February 15, 2012

Bilal S. Sayed Ahmad has come up with what is by far the easiest method of installing Siri on older iPhones. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Unlike my other Siri tutorial, you won't have to set up a proxy server on your computer. All you'll need are a jailbroken iPhone 4S, a jailbroken iPhone that you want to use Siri on, and a couple of programs from Cydia. Consult my Start here menu for jailbreaking tutorials.

Step 1.

Launch Cydia. On the iPhone 4S install AssistantConnect4S. Launch the AssistantConnect program and then reboot the iPhone.

iPhone       iPhone

Launch the AssistantConnect application again. Press and Hold the Home button to trigger Siri. Say anything you want. Then press the Email Siri Data button. Your email client will open. Send the email with the attached file.

iPhone       iPhone

The program will show you when the e-mail was sent.


Step 2.

On the older iPhone install Spire, and the AssistantConnect program.

iPhone       iPhone

Open the email with the attachment and press the attachment to install it. Press the Open in "AssistantConnect" button. You'll be told the file was installed and you will be provided with the date and the time that the Siri key will expire on this iPhone.

iPhone       iPhone

Make sure you enable Siri in Settings > General > Siri. For the Proxy Host I entered Test Siri.

iPhone       iPhone

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