Saving your SHSH & APTicket with Tiny Umbrella

Posted: September 21, 2013

At present the SHSH exploit has been blocked with the creation of the APTicket by Apple. This prevents iPhones newer than the 3G S from using the downgrade or restore to firmware that is current exploit form working. You should still save your SHSH and the new APTicket in case an exploit should be discovered. I think it is better to be safe than sorry.

Previously the SHSH was used to restore to firmware that Apple was no longer approving for restores if the firmware being used wasn't the current firmware. The ability to restore to unapproved (older) firmware becomes very important when there is no jailbreak for approved (newer) firmware and something goes wrong with your iPhone.

If you want to read more about the SHSH and how firmware was downgraded before the exploit was blocked, then I'd recommend reading this page.

Saurik released an article in April 2013 discussing the process in depth and why any APTickets saved by Cydia directly are useless. You can read about it here. Saurik's original article on Caching Apple's Signature Server is here.

Using Tiny Umbrella to retrieve the SHSH and APTicket

Go to the Tiny Umbrella blog and download the latest version of the program. Once you have it you'll see this icon. Double click it and install it.


Launch the program. If your iPhone is connected you'll see some information about it. I've blurred most of mine out as it's private information.


Click the Save SHSH button to the right and the program will download files for whichever firmware(s) it can. In my case my iPhone is still on the jailbroken 6.1.2 firmware and it downloaded 7.0 since that is the current firmware for the iPhone 5. You can NOT go back in time to get these SHSHs for firmwares that are no longer current. I have 6.1.2 still installed because I need a jailbreak to use certain programs that I like. If something went wrong with my iPhone and I had to restore, I could only restore to 7.0.


If you click the Log button you'll see what the program has done since you started it. Note the line that says iPhone5 7.0 (11A465) SHSH successfully saved! Click the link that says click here to open.


You will now be taken to the secret folder where the program stores your SHSHs. At the very least you should make a copy of this file and keep it somewhere safe. Just in case. This is the file you'll need to use to restore older firmwares with. That is if they can get this system working again.


You can pick another location to save your SHSHs by going to the Advanced button.


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