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Updated: February 19, 2014

As I find out about cool tweaks you can apply to the iPhone to change the look I'll post them here. Tweaks listed here don't necessarily require WinterBoard.

There are two great places to learn more about themes and tweaks ( and Mac Rumors forums). You will literally drive yourself bonkers looking at all the amazing ideas people have come up with. I find theming addicting. You can't stop with just one tweak...

20 Second Lockscreen - Allows you to specify the length of time you want the lockscreen illuminated. You can set separate timers for when the phone is docked or undocked.

Alkaline - Offers two alternate themes for your battery bar, without using WinterBoard. You can of course make your own battery themes by placing them in /Library/Alkaline/Your Theme.

Badge Customizer - Change the color or blending mode of the badges, along with their size or position.

Bigify - Makes your icons bigger, smaller, rotated, semi-transparent, backwards. Check out Bigify+ for even more options.

Bloard - Replaces every white keyboard on the iPhone with an easier on the eyes black one.

Bolt - When charging the iPhone displays a larger lightning bolt icon and hides the battery (or percentage).

BootSound - Adds the Mac startup sound as your boot or respring sound. You can use your own custom mp3 file, but you'll have to get to the file system.

BytaFont 2 - Apply different fonts to your iPhone. Use fonts only from the "Fonts (BytaFont 2)" section in Cydia.

ClassicDock - Replaces the stock dock with the iOS 6 dock (complete with application icon reflections).

ClearFolders - Removes the blurred background color when you open a folder so you can enjoy your wallpaper instead.

customLS - Lets you clean up the lockscreen by hiding the grabber bars for the Notification Center and the Control Center. You can also hide the camera grabber icon. These will all continue to function, they just won't display on the lockscreen. You can also hide the slide to unlock text and arrow, or enter up to two lines of custom text. You can also hide the lockscreen clock and date and choose to display the time in the status bar on the lockscreen.

DockShift - Allows you to control the level of transparency and blurriness applied to underlying graphics.

Eclipse - Described as a universal night mode for iOS 7. Changes many of the screens on the iPhone from stark white to black to make it easier on the eyes. This is a paid program. This program is similar to Nightmode.

Five-Column SpringBoard - Lets you add one more column of applications.

Five Icon Dock - Lets you add just one more application to that dock.

FolderBoard - Makes folders open in full screen mode. Also enables the ability to pinch to close the folder.

FolderEnhancer - Lets you place folders inside of folders, bigger folders, more rows and columns, disable the opening and closing animation, disable wallpaper zooming, close folders when launching apps, close all folders by pressing home.

Folder Customizer - Lets you change the color of your folders, and the label text of the folder.

Folder Masks for iOS 7 - Changes the background shapes for your folders. However the opening and closing animation still displays the standard square shape, so this looks sloppy. If you used this in conjunction with Springtomize 3, you could turn off the animation and you might like this tweak better.

Forecast - Adds animated lockscreen and homescreen wallpapers showing the current weather conditions for either your current location or the first location in the default weather app. The lockscreen also includes the current weather details (temperature, condition and high and low for the day). Swipe to the left to see the full forecast on a separate lockscreen page. This is a paid application.

Gridlock 2.0 - Arrange your application any way that you want. This is a paid application.

GroovyLock - Is a lockscreen that uses HTML to present its information. Install Widget Weather also. This will install a theme in WinterBoard which you need to then move to /var/mobile/Library/GroovyLock. Then select the theme you want to use in GroovyLock.

HiddenSettings7 - Displays Apple internal SpringBoard settings. Some features include nesting folders and the ability to pinch close a folder.

HideHomeTime - Hides the time in the status bar on your home pages.

iBlank for iOS 7 - Lets you create an unlimited number of blank application icons. You can then arrange your visible application icons in any pattern you choose.

Iconoclasm - Define as many rows and columns of applications as you want. You can also place applications freely (with gaps between them). This is a paid application.

IconOmatic - Adds the shadows and application icon overlay (shine) to themes as they were in iOS 6. Also removes the blurred dock, icon labels, and you can even shrink your application icons. In order to install this program you must add the following repository to Cydia:

IconSupport - Supports programs that allow you to modify the number of rows and columns of apps on your SpringBoard. When syncing with iTunes, these layouts get reset. This tweak prevents that.

Infiniboard - Vertically scroll your home screen. Add unlimited applications to each page. This is a paid application.

Infinidock - Add as many applications as you want to your dock and scroll the dock. This is a paid application.

Infinifolders - Vertically scroll your folders with unlimited applications. This is a paid application.

iWidgets - Place a widget anywhere on your screen, just like Dashboard on the Mac. By default comes with an analog clock and a calendar. iWidgets MEGAPACK, and iWidgets PackS add even more widgets to this program.

JellyLock7 is an Android style app launcher. Press the circle (which replaces your slide to unlock slider) and it will display up to five programmable shortcuts to your favorite apps. Simply slide the circle to what you want to do: camera, one of your five apps, or slide right to unlock. You can change the color of the circle and set the transparency as well.

Messages Customiser - Lets you change the colors of the text bubbles and the type and make some other graphical changes in the Messages app.

Nightmode - Described as a universal night mode for iOS 7. Changes many of the screens on the iPhone from stark white to black to make it easier on the eyes. This is a paid program. This program is similar to Eclipse.

NoBlur - Removes the blur from the lockscreen.

NoPageDots7 - Hides the page indicator dots on the home screen.

No Percent Sign - If you use the percentage option for your battery this removes that symbol so all you see is a number value next to the battery icon.

Numeric GSM Enabler - Replaces the signal strength dots with a number to provide a more accurate representation of your signal strength.

Numeric Wifi Enabler - Replaces the signal strength curved lines with a number to provide a more accurate representation of your signal strength.

SameStatus - Changes the text size of the lockscreen status bar to match that of the home screen.

Springtomize 3 - See my article here to view the many features available in this program.

StatusModifier - Add seconds to your clock in the status bar, along with free RAM. You can select to turn on or off many status bar items.

StatusTime+ - Tweak your status bar time to include seconds, months, years, or add custom text. You can have 24 hour time or show a.m. or p.m.

SwitcherBlur and Switcher Blur - Blurs your wallpaper and apps in the app switcher. One is a paid program.

TinyBar - Reduces the size of the large notification banners in iOS 7. It lets you hide the title or the icon, customize the speed that the text scrolls, and change the duration of the banner's appearance.

TinyGrid+ - Allows you to arrange the icons in your folders in other than the stock 3x3 arrangement. This is a paid application.

TransparentDock - Makes your dock invisible.

UIColors - Changes the color of your iPHone's interface system-wide. Also colors apps. You can even pick any color using a color wheel. This is a paid application.

UnlockSound7 - Apple remove the sound that's made when you slide to unlock the iPhone. This adds this feature back, and allows for you to use a custom sound in its place.

Weatherboard - Allows you to set your favorite animated weather condition as your lock screen and/or home screen wallpaper. In the settings, there are over 80 different animated weather conditions to choose from. This is a paid application.

WiFiDots - Make your Wi-Fi signal bars match your carrier signal dots.

Zeppelin - Provides the ability to use a graphic in place of the carrier logo, or enter a custom text string.

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